Currently California is producing too much power, and its causing problems.  When power production is greater than power used, the power lines get overloaded, ironically creating outages.

31 days in 2017 California had so much power that it had to pay Arizona to take it’s excess power.

“In 2015, solar and wind production were curtailed about 15% of the time on average during a 24-hour period. That rose to 21% in 2016 and 31% in the first few months of this year.” [1]

Curtailing of power means that the solar panels are disconnected and/or the wind turbines are stopped.

The solution to this is to produce exactly the amount of power as needed.  Most power plants can’t do this, so this is unrealistic probably impossible.  The other solution is to dynamically add a load that uses the excess power.  This can be done by monitoring power produced and power used, then adding a constantly changing load so power produced is the same as power used.

Most residential, industrial, and commercial loads don’t/can’t do this.  The energy could be off loaded with giant resistors producing waste heat, but this is non-sensible.  So what to do with the excess power that is non-constant.  Here is my ideas.

  1. Desalinization plant: California needs water.  Desalinization plants could be made to turn on only when there is too much power
  2. Distributed computing:  Get a university to set up a ton of old/obsolete computers in a big warehouse, then use it to preform massive calculations, when there is too much power.
  3. Crypto-currency: Make a deal with a company to create crypto-currency only when there is too much power, give the power for free or cheap, then split the profit, or something
  4. Hydrogen production: